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Car Rentals In Australia For Individuals Who Are Under 25

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Sometimes it can be a hassle finding legit  individuals or companies who are willing to rent a car to you especially if you are under 25. In a number of locations, only 25 year olds and older are allowed to rent cars without having to pay a small fee. If you are young and have been dreaming of finally getting a licence and going for road trips with friends and family then we have good news for you. In Australia, there are a decent number of companies that rent to under 25 year olds and they are 100% legit. With that being said, here are the car rentals that do.


Hertz Australia is a car rental company that welcomes renters between the ages of 21-24. At Hertz you are required to pay a $16.50 including GST daily young renter surcharge. A young renter surcharge is an additional fee imposed on drivers younger than 25. This fee is typically applied daily so it can significantly increase the total amount of your rental. The basic theory for this charge is that drivers aged between 21-24 are usually involved in more accidents as compared to older drivers so the extra cost is to cover the likelihood of car damage.

Hertz has more than 8,100 car rental locations in over 147 countries worldwide while in Australia, there are over 220 car hire locations including in each state, each territory, each major airport and each major town. Hertz offers late model vehicles plus trucks, buses, utes and 4WDs having the best selection of rental cars in the business. So whether you are renting a car for a holiday or business, Hertz has got you covered regardless of what your budget is 


Europcar is found in over 140 countries and its daily young driver surcharge is $30.25. Their fleet of vehicles is constantly renewed and they have cars ranging from small compact and fuel efficient ones to prestigious ones. Europcar do have some amazing deals that can come in handy for you as a renter that can help you reduce your costs. Some of the reasons why you should consider Europcar is because they offer 24/7 service in most major airports, they only have the latest car models, there are no hidden charges and you have 24 hour roadside assistance. With that being said, make sure to keep in mind the surcharge price and if it surpasses your budget try and look for an alternative.


Budget Australia has car hire locations situated all over Australia from Sydney to Perth to Brisbane therefore, wherever your location may be Budget is there for you. They deliver quality products, friendly service and great value that make customers believe in them. Whatever your preference may be, Budget has a fleet of vehicles that can meet your needs from small cars that you can use for road trips to larger vehicles that can be used to move houses or furniture. This car rental company offers the best value when wanting to rent a car and they also have seasonal offers that can help you save on cash.


Firefly car rentals is ready to offer affordable rental vehicles for renters who are travelling on a budget and are looking to maximize the amount they spend. Firefly offers high quality services to its renters and they have numerous drop off and pick up points across Australia. You as a driver can find the best vehicles in the most popular destinations such as airport terminals, downtown locations, as well as near railway stations. If you don’t want to pick up and drop off your car in the same location, you can take advantage of the one way car rental. This is where you can collect your Firefly rental vehicle in one city and return it to another Firefly location in a different city or state. Note that you won’t have to pay an additional fee for that. 

Their website is very user friendly which makes it easier for you to search a variety of vehicles. Their fleet of vehicles include small cars to family sized vehicles. Firefly does not guarantee a specific make or model and actual vehicles offered in each Firefly rental may vary with location. The car rental fee is $16.50 per day for under 25’s.


Avis Australia ensures to give you a stress free car rental experience by providing superior services that cater to its customers’ individual needs. Avis also has an app that makes things easy for the renter as you are given the chance to skip any queues and be in control of your rental car. You can easily make, update and cancel reservations and rentals. Also its important for one to be on the lookout for car rental offers and coupons with Avis. For this rental company, the daily young driver surcharge is $27.50.

In conclusion, these are just some of the car rentals on the list as there are so many others as well. Ensure you do your research before settling on one plus keep in mind of the daily young renter surcharge.

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