Centrelink Car Loan

Car Financing With Centrelink

Getting car finance on centrelink payments is made easy with AutoCreditNow. The team compares 120+ lenders and 12 banks to find you a money lender. Centrelink customers who receive benefits and payments can finance a car up to $10,000.

To Be Eligible for Car Finance on Centrelink

✔️ Minimum income $400 net per week

✔️ Can not accept New Start, Youth Allowance, Austudy/Abstudy, Jobseeker/keeper

✔️ No more than 2 payday loans within the last 3 months

✔️ No unpaid finance defaults in the last 6 months

✔️ Poor Banking Conduct – regular dishonors, overdraws and same day account clearing  


New Car Finance Up To $10k With Centrelink

Centrelink customers can now get car finance for up to $10,000. Such large loans require the car as security as an asset that will be tied back to the loan which the lender can repossess if you can’t pay the loan whilst on centrelink. Kindly also note that these will also depend on your centrelink situation and payment default record as well. Borrow what you know you can repay and borrow enough money that will cover the bill you are unable to pay on your own.

Centrelink Car Loans

A common question asked by many Australians is whether it’s possible to get a car loan when receiving centrelink payments or benefits and the good news is that yes it is very possible. 

The kind of loan you get is a secured car loan. Although it’s important to note that some lenders may not lend a huge sum of money to people receiving centrelink payments while for others centrelink payments can qualify as income. 

At AutoCreditNow, we will help you find and compare your options from more than 30 banks and 120 other lenders all around Australia which will increase your chances of approval.



To qualify for a car loan on centrelink;

✔️ You must be at least 18 years old

✔️ You are an Australian citizen or a permanent resident

✔️ You have internet banking set up

✔️ You have been receiving a regular income into your bank account for the last 90days

✔️ Have a direct contact number

Before applying for a car finance on centrelink payments, you should set a realistic budget and know how much you can afford to pay each month.You can use a car loan calculator to approximate the amount you should pay.

Centrelink Second Chance Loans

Centrelink customers are encouraged to apply for car loans even if they have bad credit. Bad credit centrelink loans are loans that can be applied for by people with bad credit who receive centrelink payments. As required by the law, credit checks have to be conducted on every loan applicant so as to confirm that you are capable of repaying the loan. 

With that being said a bad credit should not discourage you from applying for a loan as there are lenders who are willing to give out these loans even if you have a poor credit history. We at AutoCreditNow understand that it is inevitable to face challenges in life hence why we will do our best to help you find these lenders plus we can help you restore your credit rating in as little as 12 months.



Apply for a Car Loan on Centrelink

It can be hard to get car finance while being on centrelink due to not having a secure job, however we can understand that sometimes not everyone can work. The team at AutoCreditNow are able to help some customers on Centrelink.

However not guaranteed but we can compare finance options from over 120+ finance lenders who may be willing to provide you with an approved car loan on centrelink. It must be noted that you will only be able to apply for a car loan up to 10k. Apply now by filling out the form below and get your application started.


  • About you

  • Contact details

  • Loan details

  • How long have you been in your job for? If you have a job. If not please selet no job.

Car Finance Bad Credit problems are no problem with Auto Credit Now and each application is individually assessed. Apply now or call us on 07 3607 9396 to discuss your individual circumstances.

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Meet one of our happy customers

“I was in the early stages of setting up my family daycare business and struggling to get finance for a work vehicle.  I’d been searching for over 6 months when I discovered Auto Credit Now. Glen was an absolute gem, communication was outstanding and the whole process was easy. If I ever had any doubts, he made me feel completely at ease and I love my Nissan D-40 Dual Cab.” – Jodie

Frequently Asked Questions

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Credit problems are no problem with Auto Credit Now and each application is individually assessed. Apply now or call us on 07 3607 9396 to discuss your individual circumstances.

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